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Security Software

MegaSupports are the official partners of very well renowned security providers to offer the best security to their customers. From your individual desktops to the servers, MegaSupports will design the security solution that will be beneficial and suitable to your organization, making sure that your crucial information remains safe and secure.

The two elite partners of MegaSupports are –

  • SONICWALL MEDALLION PROGRAM – MegaSupports is the official partner of SONICWALL – the firewall manufacturer. The SONICWALL firewall product will offer your company the complete network and information security as well enhances the performances of your network to make it run smoothly and efficiently. We endorse, offer and assist SONICWALL firewalls to all of our customers. SonicWALL software offers
  • Cloud based Anti-Malware
  • High-speed SSL inspection
  • Advance Intrusion Prevention





MegaSupports is in partnership with Webroot too. It’s one of the best product to offer cloud based real time internet security i.e. our partnership with Webroot offers you the effectual security solution protecting you against the erudite online security threats without effecting your system performance. Webroot offers

  • Web Security Services
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Real-time Anti-Phishing


Do your firewall network programs offer you enough protection from the online threats?
  • Every organization has a local network that is directed to the internet. The local networks are connected to the internet as the company’s website needs to be update, exchange of mails with the other organizations, etc. So with in these channels or network there is a “hole” that can get hacked by the hackers to steal your company’s crucial information. Modems and routers are used to connect your local network and the internet. Some of the modems have in-built softwares that offer protection to your network by allowing or blocking access to or from the other websites. This device is called firewall i.e. a firewall will allow or block you to access certain website depending on the certain instructions.
  • Organization data is very crucial which continuously moves in between the local network but it can get leaked in the Internet or can get hacked by the hackers. In this case, firewall secures your data by acting as a protector between the Internet and your employees. The barrier will analyze your network and will allow or block you to access it depending on the protocol.
  • A digital security threat, transferred through an email i.e. hidden in an e-mail attachment is discovered that can ask you for ransom through your computer system, if it gets launched. It can demand for ransom money in exchange for liberating the user’s crucial data. Luckily some of the IT companies, like MegaSupports have exposed that how to deactivate or remove the virus.
  • In many business organizations, the networks get attacked by the Trojan horse, which means that malicious virus is hidden in the form of program or file but if it gets activated it will harm your computer information. Therefore the best solution for overcoming the virus attack is to prevent the initial opening of the attachment.