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Full Time Managed ITServices

MegaSupports Full Time Managed IT Services
The needs of businesses vary from their size to size, and they require an immediate support for the smooth functioning of their work. MegaSupports caters this need of large corporations and comes up with direct and instant support to the clients with its Full Time Managed IT Services including full-time support with state of the art infrastructure.


MeetMega Supports


Large Projects We understand that the complexity of an issue sometimes consumes more support and extra tech experts as well. Therefore, MegaSupports believes in resolving your issues in every possible manner to save you a precious time. Our assistance for your large project includes PC and Workstation Management; Firewall and Network Safety; and Server Management.

One Tech, Many Minds Behind each and every tech experts, there is years of hard work, knowledge, and experience. They are directed by our professionals while working at your office if needed. Our team will never let you down irrespective of any issues in your IT infrastructure.

Absent/Vacation It’s obvious to worry over the functioning of IT management while one of the IT Admin is on a holiday. An absence can give the backlogs, inconsistencies, and the hindrance to your smooth going IT department. Worry no more as we send replacement technician, who will handle your tasks and IT routines.

Training We impart training to your new IT personnel, and make him well acquainted to your IT infrastructure and its relating process. It doesn’t matter whether you take him or her from us or hired from outside. Our faculty and instructor will be giving your newly recruited a training session composing of useful lessons and updates as well.




Full Time Managed IT Services Benefits
  • Customized Packages : Our excellent and instant support services are available in many packages fitting your budget. Our packages cover all services and plans including PC optimization to Management services. They are flexible and are designed according to your needs.
  • Daily Tasks and Reports:We provide daily analytical reports to test the maintenance and organization of your network. Our reports will be delivered to you once in a month regarding your maintenance projects.
  • Software Infrastructure : We provide you the latest software for the upgradation of your IT infrastructure. Our software solutions help your business to run your digital functions without any issue and gain efficiency in IT management, analysis, and operations. We will be in touch with your IT administrator and provide access to our Server Monitoring system.


RecentlyClient says

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    Paul Vino

    I really want to Thanks MegaSupports for working on my organization systems and resolving all the issues that they were facing. I always contact them whenever I face issues with the technology. The team is highly skilled and well experienced in their domains. I can trust them blindly as according to me no other organization can beta their services. Thanks MegaSupports.

  • img6
    John Moore

    I (John) strongly recommends the MegaSupports services as they guarantee the prompt assistance for your concerns. The squad is highly skilled and very cooperative. They resolved my issues with in no time and also described me what was wrong with the complete system. I am completely happy and satisfied with the services that they offered me for resolving issues at my end.

  • img3
    George Lopez, New York
    MegaSupports is an efficient IT firm that fixes all of your IT related issues whether it’s hiring of data management. Last month because of work pressure my team was not able to manage data. So I hired them for fixing the data storage and management issues. They worked very well as the team was highly experienced. I love the services they offered me in my difficult time. I wish them a prosperous business.
  • img2
    Sally Maria, Florida

    "MegaSupports provides affordable and outstanding IT related services and can resolve any issue quickly. Three months ago, I faced some server crashing issues due to which I started losing content. One of my employee suggested me to hire MegaSupports services. I called them, and they fix and retrieve the data very quickly. My tones of thanks to them.”

  • img7
    Dean, Nevada

    MegaSupports, you have excellent services at affordable packages. With your assistance, I can work so smoothly with hassle free situations. I don’t know what would happen with my organization if you didn’t support me 4 years ago when I was on the urge of losing all the data. You and your team supported me like hell to recover all the data and see now I’m in one of the best organizations. It would not be possible without your assistance. Thanks for your help.

  • img3
    Paul White, Florida

    It’s quite amazing that how MegaSupports fixed my network issues so smoothly. For them it was just a smooth and easy task which they resolved in a very less time as they mentioned. Your assistance and tactics are marvelous. I really appreciate the MegaSupports team for their hard and instant services. “

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