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A Smart Program for your growing business
Customized tool to operate adjust sales, and organize your work.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach to manage the company’s interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. Basically, it is a customer-oriented feature that provides features like direct online interaction with customer and customer service center and many others.

MegaSupports offer services for the API’s of two CRMs

  • ZOHO
  • Lime Light
  • In any business and for any client CRM workflow is:

  • Initiate Marketing
  • Process Sales
  • Schedule Orders
  • Provide Support





Making tactical decisions related to what problems CRM is to solve and give attention them.
What improvements needs to be done further in the business.
Selecting an appropriate Project Manager. A manager with a sales and marketing experience should be involved.

  • Ensuring you have top management’s support.
  • Empowering team members with respective authorities to complete tasks.
  • Get a competent business partner who has horizontal and vertical business knowledge
  • Defining API’S
  • Using a phased approach.

The CRM’s has been designed so that customer can run a successful and well organized business. Moreover, it allow user to easily streamline the management of direct response campaigns, helping you to produce the maximum ROI. Beyond just a CRM platform, Lime Light and ZOHO are the most preferred provider of continuity based processing and campaign management.



  • E-Commerce Tools – Entirely a web-based solution, CRM provides you with the necessary tools to quickly create your e-commerce storefront.
  • Campaign Management – Easily create and manage campaigns, each one with its own unique settings, integration type, products and third party providers.
  • Order Management – User friendly UI with customer service and fulfillment tools that allows you to look up orders and customers, and apply any necessary actions in a simple and well-organized manner.
  • Reporting & Analytics – A complete suite of reports allows you to analyze campaign performance, retention, and profitability. There is also reporting on your fulfillment and employee activities, among others.
  • Multiple Billing Options – CRM allows various billing models whether you offer straight sale or continuity/subscription based processing; these options can be utilized with or without an upsell.
  • Gateway Load Balancing –Conveniently manage and distribute your volume across multiple payment gateways which will lower your processing risks and keep your MIDs in good standing.
  • Cascade Declines – Easily configure a back-up payment gateway to automatically re-attempt your transactions when your primary gateway declines; vital when using off-shore and on-shore MIDs.
  • Gateway Load Balancing –CRM allows various billing models whether you offer straight sale or continuity/subscription based processing; these options can be utilized with or without an upsell.
  • Hundreds of 3rd Party Plugins – CRM has innumerable plugins available for other miscellaneous 3rd party providers that will add great value to your business including Chargeback, Membership, Sales Tax and more!

Service by MegaSupports for CRM API :

All the support we give for the CRM is given using an application programming interface (API)